SATORI Elite Athletics Inc.


WTF TaeKwonDo (Olympic Style)

TaeKwonDo is life-long journey towards self-improvement (Mind, Body & Emotions).

Every class brings with it new improvements to your current skill-set. The feeling of confidently striking targets with ease is an immensily satisfying sensation. It would be my honor to show you the way.

NOTE: Attending competitions is "optional".

"Come and join the Team for a complimentary class" (space is limited; please send an email to confirm your spot)

Wednesdays: 6:30-7:30PM

Sundays: 5:30-6:30PM

WARRIOR Training (Group Fitness Class)

Unleash your Inner Warrior in this Martial Arts based Full Body Fitness class. Use the various combat styles of striking, footwork and training drills from around the world to transform yourself into a True Shredded Martial Artist.

Come join the team and experience “Being Your Best” in every session. Continuous Improvement while staying Present in the Moment is the foundation the class builds upon. Witness the significant development to your Body, Mind & Spirit in every session as there will always be achievable Goals that are Impressive, Rewarding & Exciting.

There’s fit, and then there is “Martial Arts FITT”.

Climb the Ranking System and achieve the Ultimate Goal…
become an official “SATORI Elite Athlete”.

"Come and join the Team for a complimentary class" (space is limited; please send an email to confirm your spot)

Wednesdays at 5:30-6:30PM

Sundays at 4:30-5:30PM

Sporting Organization Seminars

A combination of hands-on and lecture-based sessions conducted by a certified athletic fitness coach who has 'been there'.


- show elite-minded athletes “The Way” to become their "Best".

"The Way" - the unique path we each must take towards achieving excellence

       - a way of life (AKA: Lifestyle)

"Best" - Becoming Elite in the areas of:

       - Physical Fitness and Nutrition (the Body)

       - Mental Focus and Growth (the Mind)

       - Emotions (Choice)


Many many years of challenges, travels, events, wins, losses and a whole career of experiences have been dedicated towards creating a process that works to help everyone in becomming their best.

Personal Athletic Fitness Coach

Reaching that next level in competitive fitness is not an easy task for any serious athlete. There are those special motivated competitors that always find a way to the top of their class. These special individuals are the ones always on the lookout for a mentor who has "been there before" (or the person with the "experience").

The Competitive Life is a world of its own:

It is essential to be comfortable with your physical conditioning during your rise through the ranks. There is no need to Plateau your progression if all your training has structure and a purpose; a cyclic beginning and end; a smooth transition between all events/phases/competitions/etc. Always in the direction of becoming Elite in your practice and execution.

An elite athlete also needs to be mentally cool and confident for what is next on the schedule. Confidence is a choice. This choice becomes easier the more it is practiced. The more success you experience with this awesome mind-set, the more outstanding results you will achieve.

SATORI Elite Athletics Inc. gives you the tools and knowledge to work with so that you can make your own fitness regimen. Here you take control and create your own journey to becoming your best.


"Development of the Whole Athlete is my Job" 

          - Master Reggie Lawrence (CFT, PTS, SCS)

Corporate Seminars and Presentations

An interesting and exciting leture-based presentation focusing on Fitness and Nutrition.

The importance of healthy living has been proven over and over to boost productivity and well-being in the workplace.


- educate corporate members about sound Fitness and Nutrition and its direct impact on energy levels.

- providing each member with a simple guide to Healty Living and becoming their Best


"Reg has this ability to present in a simple way how training is important to everybody without going through a straining workout. A truly simple way to get real results!"

          - Andre Di Vita 
            Regional Vice President, Sales
Industrial Alliance


"Reggie’s presentation made me realize that good mental and physical health are priority and with it I can achieve all other goals.

NOW is the time I need to get back in shape... to be able to enjoy all the good things in life.

After his presentation I committed to regular exercise and eating well. I started jogging, twice already since his presentation a week ago, and I am starting a weight training program too. I already feel much better.

Thanks Reggie!”

          - Allen Byrns, BBA, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C. 
            RoyByrns & Associates 
            Investia Financial Services Inc.